In 1996, Emmanuel Anim-Sackey (affectionately known as Baba) left his impoverished village in the Abetifi-Kwahu region of Ghana to build a better life for himself. Vowing to return someday to share his good fortune with his small village, Emmanuel headed to the U.S. and began working as Postal Worker in West Orange, NJ. On his daily route he began collecting donations of used clothing and household goods to send back to his village, and in 2006, with the generous support of the citizens of West Orange, New Jersey, Adopt One Village was born.

Since that time, an organization run totally by volunteers has emerged and passionate people have jumped in to assist. Adopt One Village sends two or more teams of volunteers to the Abetifi-Kwahu area of Ghana each year. Some focus on education and getting children into the equivalent of High School. Others focus on things like launching The Life Clinic (a medical building at the village’s center), rebuilding the foundation or interior of the schools, or even planting a clean water well that is easily accessible to all in the area.

These are our beginnings…  Because we believe the future has much more in store for us and the people of Ghana!

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