Atta ne Atta Community

Our outreach to Atta ne Atta Community: In line with Adopt one Village’s vision to use Yaw Tenkorang as a model to serve other villages in the Abetifi region, we expanded efforts into Atta ne Atta, a small village about 4.3 miles from Yaw Tenkorang. Residents from Hunterdon County, NJ have adopted this village as a sister community in January 2017.

Unlike Yaw Tenkorang, Atta ne Atta had no state-run junior high school. Instead, the children of Atta ne Atta attended school in a four-room schoolhouse that served students from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Because of limited space, students of differing grade levels are forced to receive instruction in the same room or in smaller, mud and stick buildings with dirt floors nearby.

In January 2017, a team of AOV volunteers from Hunterdon County, NJ traveled to Atta ne Atta to begin work in transforming the school. They began a new school building that serves all the students at every level. This project was completed in 2019! The new school building allows the children to continue their education up to eighth grade. We officially dedicated the building during the January 2020 Mission trip. The school serves multiple, surrounding communities.

Atta ne Atta: The wells were broken when we arrived and the villages drinking, bathing, and cooking water was a mud puddle also being used by the livestock. We immediately repaired their pump well and have done so a number of times since due to its age. With 2023, a new well was dug and it collects clean, safe water all the time. Electricity has been wired to all the major structures. Basic healthcare is supplied by the medical center Adopt One Village built just 4 miles away in Yaw Tenkorang.

Atarekan: The wells were in decent condition when evaluated. The kids walk about a mile to the Atta ne Atta schools and receive clean water as well as training from the teachers. Electricity has been wired to all major structures. Basic healthcare is supplied by the medical center in Yaw Tenkorang and it is just about 5 miles away.

Brifa Nyimso: This community is in the most desperate need at this time. The single well was repaired several times and a new well has been dug at the center of the village. Electricity has not yet been offered to this village. The wires pass by just feet away on the roadway. Basic healthcare is supplied by the medical center in Yaw Tenkorang about 6.5 miles away. The kids make use of the Atta ne Atta school and water catchment system as they travel sporadically by foot about 2.5 miles each way to the school. Younger kids do not travel this distance and kids are often uneducated.

Human Trafficking: In these small villages, people often send their kids off to the city or Volta lake to work as servants. The kids often do housework, help get fish for the area, and sometimes are involved in trafficking. Education is key as is the removal of corruption in the area.

Can your town, county, business, or organization jump in to help? We would love to connect your wisdom and passion to these communities.