Our Partners Make All the Difference

Changing Lives Together

Great organizations start with great people, but in order to do great things they must also have great partners. Over the years, Adopt One Village has been blessed to have committed and generous partners, who are dedicated to help us achieve our mission.

The Township of West Orange, NJ

The township of West Orange was AOV’s first partner. Years ago, then Mayor John McKeon made a commitment on behalf of the residents of West Orange to offer support the people of Yaw Tenkorang. With that commitment, Adopt One Village was born.

Since then the Township has provide continued support by way of clothing drives, and in the brokering of deals for donated warehouse space, which AOV uses to prepare shipments of donated goods to the village.

The Life Christian Church (TLCC)

AOV’s partnership with The Life Christian Church began in 2009. Since then AOV has provided missions service opportunities for the people of TLCC in the form our bi-annual trips to Yaw Tenkorang. The Life Christian Church also worked closely with AOV to generate support for the establishment of The Life Clinic, which has served the healthcare needs of hundreds of people in Yaw Tenkorang and surrounding villages.

TLCC is currently partnering AOV to build The Life Hospital, which will serve countless more people.


Presbyterian Church of Ghana

AOV’s partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has been a blessing to both organizations for several years. Though our partnership with TLCC, AOV has been able to bless the Presby church with resources for leadership training for its pastors in seminary. For their part, the Presby church has been a faithful host to AOV, providing AOV with low-cost resources for housing and accommodations for our teams of missionary volunteers.

Abetifi Presbyterian Senior High School (APSEC)

Apsec is one two secondary schools with which AOV has developed a partnership. Last year … AOV-sponsored students graduated from Apsec. Apsec graduates typically go on to pursue further education to , lawyers. Last year (?) AOV-sponsored students graduated from Apsec. Some are continuing on to universities to further their educations.


Abetifi Vocational Training Institute (AVOTRAIN)

With their motto “Knowledge and Skills for Development,” Avotrain is the unique vocational school in the Kwahu East district. AOV-sponsored graduates of Avotrain have gone on to pursue careers as masons, plumbers and other careers requiring skilled labor.

Nkwatia Presby Senior High School (NKWASCO)

Most recently AOV has developed a partnership with Nkwasco, another secondary school, which like Apsec, is operated under the oversight of the Ghana Education Service. In addition to academics and character development, Nkwasco places special priority on ensuring their students develop a heart for service to their communities.