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Every time we visit the village, we try to bring some of the critical supplies that help people live a more comfortable, healthy life.  Sometimes that means we re-stock the medical center. At other times it means we provide netting on a school to stop a bat infestation.

But there is one thing we always do…  Towards the end of the effort, we always bring out some clothing from our warehouse to hand out to the people of the village.  Why?  First of all, the nearest place to purchase clothing from a vendor might be in the center of Abetifi – a number of miles away.  Second, the availability of clothing is extremely low because of demand and cost.  It’s one small “life quality” thing we do to help our friends …  No…  Scratch that and make it our FAMILY in Ghana!

We love these people. We thank all of you for helping us to do all we can to bring sustainable improvements to their lives!

Clothing Distribution in the Village

Clothing Distribution in the Village

(This distribution took place within one of the classrooms of the school)

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