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Matt Gentile is a Local AOV Hero

By June 6, 2013August 10th, 2020No Comments

Matthew Gentile met Emmanuel “Baba” Anim-Sackey a few months ago when he spoke to the Confirmation class at Corpus Christi Church in Chatham, NJ. Baba spoke of the need for shoes for the villagers in Ghana during his presentation.

Matthew got inspired!  He almost immediately organized a shoe drive at a local country club and collected about 50-75 pairs of like-new athletic shoes on his own! Also collected were a good number of brand new packages of socks.

NOTE – Socks are important because as you can imagine, living in a nation 6 degrees north of the equator and wearing shoes without socks can be… How can we describe it?  A bit challenging maybe?

Matthew and his family say that AOV is inspiring to them.  This AOV Web Guy wants the world to know that Matthew and his family are inspiring to me and the board here at Adopt One Village.

Kudos to Matthew and the Gentile family and all those that supported his effort to change lives for the better!

Below are some photos Matthew provided to us:


Matthew, Shoes and Socks

Matthew, Shoes and Socks

Matthew's Flyer

Matthew’s Flyer

Matthew and Emmanuel "Baba" Anim-Sackey

Matthew and Emmanuel “Baba” Anim-Sackey


You too can help us make a difference.  If you would like to organize a drive, please contact us via the web site to see what we are currently collecting and how you can help.

Thank you Matthew and everyone for your support!