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Acting Locally to be Effective Globally

By April 12, 2013August 10th, 2020No Comments

Below is a great example of how you can act locally to make a difference globally. 

Kudos to 5th grade student, Nicole Gradoiu-Luca.

Thank you for your effort.  It is GREATLY appreciated!










Dress Down Day – Lower School: Friday, April 12

K—5 Students: $1.00 donations due Thursday, April 11

Sponsored by: Nicole Dragoiu-Luca (Grade 5)

For: Adopt One Village

Hi, my name is Nicole Dragoiu-Luca. By sponsoring this Dress Down Day I hope to raise a contribution for the Adopt One Village (AOV) program. This organization helps villages in Ghana by bringing clean water, medical supplies, and a better education for children. “The mission of Adopt One Village is to bring sustainability to this area, one village at a time”.

AOV’s focus is health, education, infrastructure, and quality of life. AOV is currently working in the village of Yaw Tenkorang, Ghana in the hope of using it as a model to help other impoverished areas. In this region there are many small villages in need of aid as they lack electricity, running water, and health facilities. Many suffer from infections and diseases. The children of these villages are educated in an old building with few teachers and no supplies.

AOV continues to supply and train teachers with modern curriculum and classroom materials. They have also managed to provide sponsorships to junior high students who are eligible for high school. Through this organization, my family and I sponsor a child named Angelina to be able to attend high school for a year. Angelina is a bright young girl who wants to become a police officer in her village. Her family cannot afford her education and without a sponsorship she cannot graduate from high school. There are many children like Angelina in her village, and together we can make a difference in their lives.

Thank very much for helping me create a brighter future for a few less fortunate children. We are lucky to have an education here at Pingry. Why not share that luck!

For more information visit

(If anyone wishes to contribute more by check, please make it payable to Adopt One Village.)