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2013 Gala Update

By February 1, 2013August 10th, 2020No Comments

Are you registered for the Gala yet?  We have accomplished so much over the past years, but there is so much more we hope to do!  We hope you can join us at the Gala to celebrate and learn more about what we have planned for the upcoming years.

In case you wonder where your support goes, here are some of our accomplishments from the January 2013 trip:

THE WELL: We fixed and opened the roadside well – first clean drinking water in almost 20 years! The celebration as the water started to flow was electric!

We built a concrete slab to reinforce well structure.

Trained a number of local men on how to maintain and repair the well structure as part of our ongoing efforts to build sustainability in the area. They actually performed much of the work as a hands-on learning experience. It took twice as long, but the lessons learned will serve the area for generations to come!

THE LIFE CLINIC: Saw over 150 patients in the clinic.  Screened the blood of almost 30 people. Found 3 children with Sickle Cell, 2 children with Malaria and 1 adult with HIV.  Sent 3 to the larger area hospital (Malaria, HIV and a pregnant women with low hemoglobin) and saw that they received the more advanced care they needed.

A number of our friends from the community were present for much of the time absorbing information on better health practices and habits as well as basic medical care.

THE SCHOOLS: Gave out new backpacks to the entire Junior High. Also provided backpacks to the 5th and 6th grade classes.

Rewarded all of the top students from Kindergarten to Junior High with their new bags filled with school supplies.

Sent 8 new students to Secondary School with all of the supplies that they needed. It was quite a moving experience to see this group of students achieving what was once virtually impossible for any of the students in the community.

Covered openings in the roof of Kindergarten with netting to hopefully stop a major bat infestation. The children were being subjected to constant squeaks and noises from what we presume were hundreds of bats in the ceiling area. Also, the school had an extremely strong odor from the bat droppings. One volunteer familiar with farm life said the odor was overwhelming to him and he couldn’t imagine trying to sit in a classroom for hours with that odor present. Recent reports from the village say we have caught plenty of bats and are well on the way to providing a safe and clean school environment for the young children. Once the bats are gone, a clean-up process for the school will begin.

Enjoyed field day with all of the classes in the village (over 215 students). It was quite a celebration and the photos and video footage will start to make their way to our sites shortly.

LIFE: Built relationships that will last a lifetime or longer!  …When we say that lives are changed during our trips, we are talking about lives both in Ghana and here at home.  You simply can’t be involved without having a life changing experience… The people and the land are simply amazing. It is often said that the benefits of going on a trip with AOV are truly addictive!

Please consider joining us at the Gala on February 22.

Please also consider sharing the Gala link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc.