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Run Cjloe Run!!!

By October 9, 2012August 10th, 2020No Comments

For the official page for this effort, please CLICK HERE.


Cjloe’s Effort

Cjloe is running for a cause she believes in – A cause she is involved in.

Cjloe is a young woman from the Metro NY area. She has been involved with Adopt One Village (AOV) for a few years, including a trip overseas with them in the summer of 2010. Though 2 years have passed, her memories of the people in the village have not faded. She describes her first-hand experience in the village as life-giving, as she left Ghana eager to do more.

The life of a child can be empowered so easily with just a few dollars in the village where AOV serves. Some of the funds raised will help support scholarship programs, clean water system funding, school infrastructure improvements and medical efforts. Essentially, all building sustainable systems.


Why Is Your Help Needed

Cjloe is a single individual and penniless college graduate… But she wants to make a big difference!

  • The $5,000 goal of this effort is what Cjloe believes can be raised.  Whether she raises $500 or $50,000, there are projects ranging from small $20 medical kids and school supplies packages to $50,000 school renovations that will benefit.  Every penny will go to good use!

Cjloe Runs!

The Impact

Here is a quick look at the difference this effort can make

  • After meeting the people in the village of Yaw Tenkorang, Cjloe had a strong desire to stay and serve long term. However, because AOV is a relatively new organization, such a deep commitment is not yet possible. This is her effort to make a difference from where she lives her life day in and day out. Every dollar literally helps save lives in the village.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • If you can’t give financially to this effort, you can still help! Check out the “Other Ways You Can Help” section of AOV’s web site. (
  • Share this campaign on your Facebook wall, via e-mail with friends and family members or even Tweet about it!

Cjloe WILL run on November 18. Will you run along side her in this effort?

Please share this link on Facebook, Twitter or with anyone you know who might support this runner as she supports AOV:

Cjloe Runs!

For the official page for this effort, please CLICK HERE.