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Some Accomplishments to Date

By August 21, 2012August 10th, 2020No Comments

Some have recently asked what we have accomplished over the past few months and even years.  Here is a quick overview of the most recent items worth mentioning:

Adopt One Village (AOV) Accomplishments:

  • We have committed to sponsoring 20 students to continue their education.  That is broken down to: 3 University students, 10 current students in Secondary School, and 7 students who are preparing to begin Secondary School. (Of these students, 10 are fully funded and 10 still need sponsor – Please see the Sponsorship menu item on for more information)
  • We completed the building and set up of The Life Clinic in the village of Yaw Tenkorang. During our trip in July 2012, it was inspected and received official recognition from the government of Ghana as a Medical Clinic. We staffed this clinic during our last trip and saw over 120 patients. The Clinic discovered two young babies with Malaria and one with anemia and saw to it that they received treatment at the local hospital.
  • We have given bicycles to the top three students with perfect attendance in every grade (1st – 9th) in the village.
  • We have established a program called “AOV Ambassadors” which includes the top students from grades 4, 5 and 6.  These students have committed to taking extra English classes and serve as tutors to other students – especially when teachers can not be present in the classroom for whatever reason. In January 2013, these students will receive new backpacks and school supplies.
  • The Kindergarten and Pre-K buildings have been painted and cleaned.
  • New art materials were delivered to the Pre-K and K classrooms.
  • A reference library was established for the Primary School which includes junior encyclopedias, science encyclopedias and reference materials on mammals, land forms and weather.
  • All 203 students received handpicked clothing and shoes. Clothing was also distributed to all adults.
  • Brand new blackboards were installed in all classrooms from Pre-K to 9th grade. We maintain them during our July trips.
  • A clean water well expert met us in the village. He determined the repairs needed for a well once thought abandoned and impossible to repair were well within AOV’s reach and ability. We have purchased all that is needed for the repair! The current plan is to repair the well during our January 2013 trip. This means we are within a few months of clean drinking water for the entire village!
  • We visited and gave clothing, toys and candy to a local orphanage housing and educating hundreds of children.

For more information on how to support our efforts through sponsorship, volunteer efforts or simply with your financial support, please CLICK HERE.

We need you in order to do what we do.  Without your partnership in our efforts, none of this would have taken place. Bravo to you, our supporters!!!