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Message from Joe Sesil

By July 16, 2012August 10th, 2020No Comments

(This was taken from our Facebook page from a public post Joe recently made)

Just wanted to say how amazed and impressed I am with the whole Adopt One Village and TLCC groups. I had the chance to spend the last number of days with the groups while working on the well project in the village here in Ghana along side all the other positive work the group was doing!!

The world has tons to be thankful for with all the good and positive you have and continue to add!! I am honored and privileged to have the chance to spend the last couple days with you all! Thank you all!! May your travels be safe and easy ahead, may God be on your wings to protect you all and may you all arrive home safely to continue all the good you do!! Thank you all for it all!!


You can learn more about Joe’s world-wide water tour at the following page: JOE’S BLOG PAGE


Here is a recent post from Joe’s blog:

Europe Recap – Salute, Cheers, Sante, Topa, Salud, Zivjeli, Na zdrave and Serefe!!
Posted on July 10, 2012

The travels continue; and with the hopeful good grace of God and the good people at Consulate of Ghana at their Mission to the UN in NYC I am in route to my 35th Country (17th new one on this trip) Ghana, and my 5th Continent (my second new one on this trip) Africa!

I am SO excited to get there; to meet the new people, learn the new culture and be involved with what has been a grass-roots new water project, but I am not sure Ghana is as excited to have me there as much. The entry into the country has proven to be my hardest one to date. Bolivia had been hard, but thanks to good people on the bus who loaned me $18 US Dollars to be able to pay in cash for a $138 Visa, US$ only please, I made over the Bolivian border, but now Ghana is costing me 5 days of time and a little grey hair trying to assure an official entry into Country!!

I started in Istanbul a week ago and decided to take a little diversion from my travels to come to the US for a week. I thought I had, had the visa and passport requirements figured out from Turkey, but apparently coming back into the US changed the requirements – I learned this fact at the airport as I was hoping to board to Ghana on Thursday. I also learned at the Consulate after spending the day with them on Friday that if I had flown from Turkey they may have sent me back to the US for a Visa from my home country anyway… who knows – I will say it was nice to be in the US for a week, and much nicer to be “stuck” in NYC than in the basement of the Kotoka Airport in Accra. Hopefully all works out and I will be able to fly to Ghana on Tuesday night now and be with the team in the Village to work on the water well project on Wednesday… what’s an extra five days in NYC with family for fun!! 🙂 !

(Obviously, Joe made it and had a great time!!!  Thank YOU Joe for all your help!)