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Day 4 Post from Youth Team Member Seth D.

By July 12, 2012August 10th, 2020No Comments

Ghana, Africa is a breathtaking place. The landscape is gorgeous and the people that live in it are no less amazing. Even though this is my 2nd time here, I am continuously discovering new things. I love every minute that I’m in the village with all of the kids and teachers and parents. It is like nothing else. The people are so hospitable and welcoming to us “obruni’s” (their word for foreigner). An example of their relentless love toward our team is when I met a young man named Frederick. After one of the sessions I led in VBS, he approached me and simply said, “I want to take you as my friend.” This really struck me and gave me a feeling of immediate companionship with Frederick. The next day, he wanted me to enter my phone number into his phone. I did and he said he was planning on leaving the next day, because he did not live in the village that we visit. He goes on to tell me that he would call his father and tell him that he was going to stay another day. He said, “Because of your love, I want to stay another day.” I was so moved by this phrase. Frederick and I became friends the day before and he immediately feels like a best buddy. It is because of God’s love that I am able to show love to Frederick and everyone else, and it is because of love that we came to Ghana to continue God’s amazing work here.