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Day 2 Post from Youth Team member, Karina V.

By July 10, 2012August 10th, 2020No Comments

Getting ready to go to the village was like a kid on Christmas eve- very excited! We worked on the chalkboards by sanding them smooth and repainting them. Then while others went to visit the middle school, I stayed in the secondary school to take pics of 1 year old Mavis, who has great potential to be a model! The weather here is amazing…definitely a lot cooler than in Jersey. I have become attached to a little toddler named Ata whom I communicate to with the little Twi I know. The highlights of my day was visiting the water pump with Ata and carrying a baby on my back like all of the mothers here. Though there were funny things that happened too like the marriage proposal I got hehehe… Can’t wait for day 1 of vbs tomorrow. God’s gonna (do) some awesome things!!!