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Rebirth of a Village School

By March 12, 2010August 10th, 2020No Comments

Adopt One Village sent its largest delegation of volunteers to Abetifi-Kwahu this July. Volunteers from all around New Jersey came with a mission to train teachers and deliver much needed educational supplies to this region.

In the larger region of Abetifi-Kwahu, this team from AOV and The Life Christian Church was able to reorganize and fill a library at Abetifi Secondary Presbyterian School (APSEC) with hundreds of classic novels, textbooks and reference materials. In addition, they provided a half day in-service training session for the teachers at APSEC on a variety of teaching techniques.
In the smaller village of Yaw Tenkorang, the volunteers helped the youth from The Life Christian Church renovate and paint the small village school, distribute clothing and shoes and provide first aid to many children with open wounds.

In addition, the educators distributed new textbooks, curriculum materials, playground and art supplies as well as created 3 libraries in the various school sections in Yaw Tenkorang. Along with these materials, the teachers in the village were trained how to use all of the new materials and curriculum. As a parting gift, the volunteers, seeing the need for new uniforms in the primary and junior high school, pooled together their spending money and were able to provide 35 students with new school uniforms – an act that brought many students and parents to tears.

This trip has been the most successful in the history of AOV and we thank all of the volunteers who went as well as all of you who donated funds for the materials that were shared. The lives of the people of this region in Ghana is being changed through your generosity and AOV appreciates everyone who made this trip possible.