Joe Agro

I have a huge passion to see our efforts succeed in the village of Atta ne Atta as well as the surrounding area that is supported by this village.

Alejandra “Cathy” Gherardi

I know it’s my calling to serve and give back what God has given to me so graciously and mercifully.

Chris Stefanick

Chris is a man who desires to know the ways and will of God in his life. He is passionate about connecting with and helping others in any ways available to him.

Joseph Agro, Jr

This will be Joseph’s fourth trip to Ghana! His passion for our friends there has helped Adopt One Village Hunterdon to thrive. Much of what you see online was photographed or recorded by him.

Jasmine Agro

Jasmine traveled to Ghana in years past but the time in the village was brief. This time around, she will be helping to make the new school a very special place for the children!

Ed Balut

I wanted to “help” but they helped me. I want to see clean drinking water, the new school, the kids and their smiles and laughter. I want to see my wife, granddaughter, and son experience this place. I want to praise Jesus with the people once again.

Mary Balut

I’ve worked in the ER, as a nursing professor, in employee health, and various other jobs. As I got older, I started to realize more that I could branch out and do something bigger with this passion God put into my life.

Gianna Balut

Last year, my grandpa, Ed Balut, went to Ghana and after hearing the incredible stories of his experiences there, I was inspired to go. This is why I am looking forward to going in January, 2020.

Eric Balut

I am looking forward to the prospect of helping and learning from another culture while growing my relationship with some of the most important people in my life.

Liset Medina

Liset will be traveling with us in January as a birthday gift to herself and from her husband and business partner. We can’t wait to celebrate with her and the others!

Jaelene Agro