Atta ne Atta

In line with AOV’s vision to use Yaw Tenkorang as a model to serve other villages in the Abetifi region, we have recently expanded efforts to Atta ne Atta, a small village about four miles from Yaw Tenkorang.

Unlike Yaw Tenkorang, Atta ne Atta has no state-run junior high school. Instead, the children of Atta ne Atta attend school in a four-room schoolhouse that serves students from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Because of limited space, students of differing grade levels are forced to receive instruction in the same room or must travel a few hundred feet into the village to study in a dirt floor, mud wall classroom without any real teaching tools whatsoever.

We successfully launched our second community initiative called Adopt One Village Hunterdon (AOVH) and in January of 2017, a team of volunteers traveled to Atta ne Atta to begin work in transforming the school. They began building a new school building that will serve all the students at every level. We hope to complete this project in January of 2018.

When this project is complete, the children of Atta ne Atta will be able to continue their education straight through High School levels and beyond for the first time ever!  Bringing educational levels up changes communities for the better. Making graduates employable rather than dropping them into a situation that is more difficult than many of us can imagine brings massive hope!  Thanks to Hunterdon County, NJ adopting Atta ne Atta as its sister village, we hope to make this a reality…