Adopt One Village Hunterdon Trips

“Life can not be fully lived if we live it simply for ourselves” – unknown author

How would you like to pour yourself out to help another human being in a way that quite literally changes their life as well as yours?  We step up and out to help our friends in Atta ne Atta, Ghana in exactly this way and it’s exciting! Jesus said that what we do for the least of those around us, we do for him. The way we see it, that doesn’t just mean giving to our brothers and sisters in Ghana, but giving those around us the opportunity to grow as well. Approximately once a year, we participate in a trip to Atta ne Atta and the surrounding area. Our trip participants experience life, culture and God in surprising ways during these trips. We encourage everyone participating to grow spiritually during our trips while we exercise and practice whatever gifts we have been given.

Adopt One Village has brought hundreds of people over to see Ghana and to help our distant family living there. Many children are sponsored by those who have gone and actually met the kids. Others have thrown their support into the educational system or the clean water efforts or even the centralized medical center and leadership center we are building in the surrounding area.

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