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A different kind of calling. Growing up in Lawrence, Massachusetts; a city full of immigrants, feels like another lifetime ago but that’s where my story begins. Most kids don’t know what they want in life, and as adults, that’s still the case (and it’s ok!). Ten year old Lisi had a vision, goals and one very special dream tucked away.

Fun in the projects consisted of playing in front of our apartment so that my mom could keep an eye on me and my little sister Tati, and the occasional walk to main street to buy delicious Rolos at Woolworths or find a new treasure at the goodwill store. There wasn’t much to do so we spent a lot of time watching 70’s reruns and commercials. One commercial that touched me was the one with Sally Struthers and the Christian Children’s Fund. The commercial broke my heart and Sally had me hooked, mostly because the commercials were always on repeat. I wanted to be a part of that mission. I would daydream of being in a village and helping feed malnourished babies. That commercial planted a seed within me, and I watered that seed throughout the years with occasional daydreams, reminding myself, maybe it could happen.

Fast forward 30 years. Today I’m deeply in love with my husband Daniel, two beautiful daughters, Natalie and Emily and three wonderful step-children, Jeremy, Matthew and Melanie. Dan and I co-own DASET Home Inspections and we absolutely love working together.

Dan and I started attending South Ridge Community Church close to two years ago and we met some wonderful friends through a couple’s life group. The facilitator of the group, Joe, shared his passion for Adopt One Village and details of his trips. As I would listen to Joe’s stories, my little seed was awakened. It felt more like a push within my soul and a loud shout in my heart, NOW! That seed is feisty and undeniably, it shook me. I did not look for this mission; this mission had a spot waiting for me and I said yes, 30 years ago.

I’m not nervous. In fact, I can’t wait to bring love and praise to Ghana, but I also don’t feel worthy of this gift. I know that the King of my heart made a way for me and it just so happens to be now. There are many things that I don’t understand and that can easily keep me back, family, work, responsibilities… But overwhelmingly, I only hear NOW. I don’t know where you are leading me, only you know the reason and I won’t question it.

Happy birthday little girl. You will feel worthy. Dreams do come true!

(Liset will be traveling with us in January as a birthday gift to herself and from her husband and business partner. We can’t wait to celebrate with her and the others!!!)

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