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Fundraising Goal = $2600

I’m really excited to take this trip – it’s been 3 years in the making!  Three years ago, I met a new friend Joe Agro at a Christian men’s retreat who spoke of his mission trips to Ghana. I relayed that both my parents spent time with the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa, and that I grew up with the stories and the art of Africa, and that I have always wanted to go to Africa and serve.  He extended an open offer to join him anytime.

This past October, I attended the same retreat, but this time as a staff member.  I was blessed that Brother Joe was staffing as well, and we reconnected.  We spoke about his upcoming mission trip (this one!), and I knew I had to go if I could.  With the earthly support of family and friends, the heavenly support of Our Father, and my employers’ flexibility, I am able to go to Ghana this year (Amen!).

As a greenhorn missioner, I will bring energy and a willingness to learn on this trip.  My servant’s heart and gratitude will be a constant companion.  My time as an (Army) infantry officer has taught me leadership and “followership”; I will use them as needed.  Time spent in Iraq and Kuwait (nearly 6 years as a soldier and contractor) has taught me preparation and the how to work with limited supplies.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I co-create a balanced and peaceful world through bold servant-leadership, unflinching truth, and continual growth.

I’m in!

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