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Fundraising Goal = $2600

Last year, my grandpa, Ed Balut, went to Ghana and after hearing the incredible stories of his experiences there, I was inspired to go. This is why I am looking forward to going in January, 2020.

I’ve always been heavily involved in church and community through volunteer work. This is just another opportunity to give my help to other people, and even more, in another country. I know God has placed certain people and events in my life to help myself and others grow as people. I believe this is one of those times.

Through going to Ghana, I will be able to connect and give a hand to the community in Atta ne Atta. They are working on the wells for clean water, essential for survival, and the schools for children to get an education. Here, we are fortunate to have such things only an arms length away.

What I am looking forward to the most is making connections with the people at Atta ne Atta. I’ve always loved working with children so I am very excited to see how God uses me.

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