Amount Raised


Fundraising Goal = $2600

Chris is a man who desires to know the ways and will of God in his life. He is passionate about connecting with and helping others in any ways available to him. He loves music, games, fellowship with others, being outdoors, building things, and working hard. He is open to his mistakes, but doesn’t let them hold him back, is young in life, but always looks for where he can grow.

Chris travelled to Ghana with Adopt One Village Hunterdon two years ago on the very first trip to Atta ne Atta. He relates that the experience broke his heart for those he interacted with. He wanted to go back immediately on the next trip, but says he has waited until God led him back. Now Chris wants to continue the efforts he started two years ago ad to continue to get to know those in the village of Atta ne Atta and elsewhere in Ghana.

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