Yaw Tenkorang

Yaw Tenkorang is a small, rural village about thirty minutes from Abetifi, the capital town of the Kwahu East district in Ghana’s Eastern Region.

As with other rural villages in Ghana, the people of Yaw Tenkorang rely mostly on subsistence farming as their primary source of income. The life of a subsistence farmer is one wrought with tremendous challenge often for very little reward. For many, it is the only life they know or can imagine and the only life their children can dream for.

Education might serve as a means for young people of these villages to depart from the generational cycle of poverty that is so prevalent. After elementary school, the children of Yaw Tenkorang attend a state-run junior high school, known as a JSS, but because the state provides free instruction only through middle school, many never have the opportunity to receive the further education necessary to truly transform their lives.

With their remote locations, rural village like Yaw Tenkorang, also face the challenges of inaccessibility. Roads are scarce, and if passable at all, are often treacherous. These and other lapses in infrastructure make it tragically difficult for the people of these villages to avail themselves of necessities like regular healthcare services and clean water.

Adopt One Village focuses on these areas of education, healthcare and infrastructure to improve the quality of life for people in villages like Yaw Tenkorang.

Atta ne Atta

In line with AOV’s vision to use Yaw Tenkorang as a model to serve other villages in the Abetifi region, we have recently expanded efforts to Atta ne Atta, a small village about four miles from Yaw Tenkorang.

Unlike Yaw Tenkorang, Atta ne Atta has no state-run JSS junior high school. Instead, the children of Atta ne Atta attend school in a four-room schoolhouse that serves students from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Because of limited space, students of differing grade levels are forced to receive instruction in the same room.

In January, a team of AOV volunteers traveled to Atta ne Atta to begin work in transforming the school. They began building a new school building that will serve all the students at every level. We hope to complete this project in January of 2018.

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Learn more on how to support our efforts through sponsorships, volunteer efforts or with your financial support.